18 Parenting Thoughts on Cammi 18th Birthday

Often, I hit the blogosphere when a significant day happens for the family. Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday. I’m trying to let that sink in.  Cammi is 18….I have an 18-year-old. *pause for a moment of silence for this parent. Okay. I’m back. [deep breath] As usual, theses moments cause you to reflect uponContinue reading “18 Parenting Thoughts on Cammi 18th Birthday”

Solving vs. Winning: 4 Tips to Help Solve Marriage Conflict

Anne and I dated for three years (including a year-long engagement). It was a very peaceful dating life. I couldn’t tell you about a single fight/disagreement that we had until that one day in Target… Oh boy. We were registering for our wedding shower. Target had given us the “scan gun” to document everything we were hoping peopleContinue reading “Solving vs. Winning: 4 Tips to Help Solve Marriage Conflict”