18 Parenting Thoughts on Cammi 18th Birthday

Often, I hit the blogosphere when a significant day happens for the family. Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday. I’m trying to let that sink in. ┬áCammi is 18….I have an 18-year-old. *pause for a moment of silence for this parent. Okay. I’m back. [deep breath] As usual, theses moments cause you to reflect uponContinue reading “18 Parenting Thoughts on Cammi 18th Birthday”

15 Parenting Thoughts on Ethan’s 15th Birthday

I have a habit of blogging on special days for the family. Perhaps, the moment demands reflection and thought. And like most occasions, when I start processing things, I journal in order to frame together what is stirring in me. Today is my son’s 15th birthday. As usual, theses moments in your children cause youContinue reading “15 Parenting Thoughts on Ethan’s 15th Birthday”

30-Something Lessons My Wife Taught Me: A Birthday Blog For Anne

To honor my wife, I thought I’d offer a quick lesson Anne has taught me for every year she’s been alive: 1 – It costs nothing to be kind. 2 – The sun being out makes everything better. 3 – Prayer isn’t a moment; it’s a lifestyle. 4 – Swedish Fish and popcorn make TVContinue reading “30-Something Lessons My Wife Taught Me: A Birthday Blog For Anne”