The Pastor’s Wife: 2 Thoughts on Dealing with Loneliness

Something I heard early in ministry was “ministry is a lonely place.” And it CAN be a lonely place, but it DOESN’T have to be that way. What I learned was that the enemy works in isolation, but God works in community. Being a pastor’s wife isn’t always easy. Relationships and friendships can be difficult or complicated. InContinue reading “The Pastor’s Wife: 2 Thoughts on Dealing with Loneliness”

Highly Valued: 10 Thoughts for Pastor’s Wives

At one of the most difficult points of my life, I found myself crushed under the weight of ministry.  Depression mixed with ministry pressures caused me to want to cash it all in.  I went to Anne and let her know I couldn’t take it any longer.  I needed to resign and, perhaps, find anotherContinue reading “Highly Valued: 10 Thoughts for Pastor’s Wives”

Permission Granted: 4 Reasons Why Unity in Your Marriage is Better than Permission

Permission is a funny thing. Permission, defined, is authorization or consent. Sadly enough, this is how a lot of marriages work. The reason why marriages work that way, is there is a misunderstanding of unity and Lordship. One of my favorite scriptures comes out of Acts 17:28., “in him (Jesus) we live and move andContinue reading “Permission Granted: 4 Reasons Why Unity in Your Marriage is Better than Permission”

Marriage Blog: “It’s just not me.”

We’ve all used it to get out of things we don’t want to do. “Do you want to ride the roller coaster?” “No. It’s just not me.” “Do you want to try escargot?” “No.  It’s just not me.” “Do you like country music? “No. It’s just not me. It’s kind of our nice way of telling peopleContinue reading “Marriage Blog: “It’s just not me.””

2 Minute Marriage Devo – Day 3

Welcome to our 2 Minute Devos. This month we are in our Annual Marriage Series at Kalamazoo First Assembly of God and we’re going through devotions for couples. Take the time to read through the passage of the day and listen to the 2 Minute Devo. Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and hisContinue reading “2 Minute Marriage Devo – Day 3”