Pastors and Conflict: 8 Purposeful Actions to Help Heal Conflict

Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. I sat in my office very early Monday and journaled about conflict.  As a pastor, I recognize that conflict is inevitable. Why? I’m human and I deal with humans.  I’m imperfect. I pastor an imperfect congregation. The more I understand that, theContinue reading “Pastors and Conflict: 8 Purposeful Actions to Help Heal Conflict”

Dirty Laundry Can Ruin Your Marriage

            You’ve seen it and I’ve seen it.   If you are involved in ANY type of social network, you’re going to have it flashed in front of you.  Some of you deal with it in work.  Others deal with it in the neighborhood.  I see it in church aContinue reading “Dirty Laundry Can Ruin Your Marriage”

The Myth of Compatibility

Men and women are different.  (Now that I’ve completely blown you away with that ground-breaking truth, I’ll continue.) What I’ve discovered, and continue to discover in my own marriage, is how different we continue to be.  It seemed like during the whole courtship/dating process, we were so much more “compatible”.  The word “compatible” means, “AbleContinue reading “The Myth of Compatibility”