Date Night Part 1: “Elevator Talk”

At the recommendation of Anne, we are starting a new series with our weekly marriage blogs. “Date nights” were of such an extreme importance for most of us before we were married. It’s where we learned everything we needed to know about our spouse before we married them.  The problem: we got married only toContinue reading “Date Night Part 1: “Elevator Talk””

Confessions of a Marriage Blogger: Part 3 “This is Not Who I Married!”

We started a series of marriage blogs last week. If you missed the last two parts, check out Confessions of a Marriage Blogger: Part 1 “We irritate each other” and Confessions of a Marriage Blogger: Part 2: “Our kids are for sale.” I haven’t hid my goal of this blog series.  The Ken and Barbie facade must be broken.Continue reading “Confessions of a Marriage Blogger: Part 3 “This is Not Who I Married!””