When the Dust Settles: Living in the Wake of Depression

It’s a quiet morning. A couple weeks have gone by since a friend passed away from suicide. I sit alone with a cup of coffee. Life has inescapably moved forward. The dust of that crazy, moment has somewhat settled. And that, in and of itself, can create a problem, especially for those who deal withContinue reading “When the Dust Settles: Living in the Wake of Depression”

Anniversary Thoughts: 19 Lessons from 19 Years of Marriage

Today is our anniversary. And as a tradition, on May 23, I do a bit of a blog to honor the bride that agreed to journey life with me. But before the list comes out, I need to give you some background to what stirred this blog.     On Sunday, I was preaching, perhaps,Continue reading “Anniversary Thoughts: 19 Lessons from 19 Years of Marriage”

Kingdom Health: 3 Pastoral Lessons from the Vineyard

One of the strategies of preaching that I’ve really tried to learn from Jesus’ example was the ability to connect the Kingdom to present surroundings/experiences. He was a master at helping to give people understanding by turning people’s attention to things like fields, birds, lost coins, and sheep. A tangible metaphor helped explain the Kingdom in a way that peopleContinue reading “Kingdom Health: 3 Pastoral Lessons from the Vineyard”

Pastor to Pastor: Master the Mundane

Every day I get to wake up and do my dream job. It’s not necessarily how I envisioned my life as a child (or a teenager for that matter), but it has become what feeds the passion of my soul. I think that’s really what the “dream job” looks like. It’s that fit, that situation,Continue reading “Pastor to Pastor: Master the Mundane”

Pastor to Pastor: Stop Quitting On Monday

  For years, I’ve heard the old adage from Pastors: I quit my job almost every Monday Honestly, I get it….but please stop. (From the get-go of this blog for pastors, I want to speak into this thing of “The Calling” upon your life. The greatest calling you can have upon your life has nothingContinue reading “Pastor to Pastor: Stop Quitting On Monday”

“Godly Venting?” : 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Vent

I can be quite silly with venting.  Social media has been my therapeutic outlet for my continual disappointment with my sports teams (I apologize to the twitterverse and Facebook world).  But I think both you and I know what I’m talking about when I use the word “venting.” Some of your venting is quite obviousContinue reading ““Godly Venting?” : 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Vent”

Slave to the Scale: 6 Thoughts to Help You Be Healthy Without Destroying Yourself

[My disclaimer to this blog: This article has high capacity to offend on deep levels if you lose the heart behind it. My heart is to tell MY story and not someone else’s. I’m not trying to point fingers but open you up to the struggle and temptation that I deal with that lies inContinue reading “Slave to the Scale: 6 Thoughts to Help You Be Healthy Without Destroying Yourself”