The Church in the Hands of Angry People: An Open Letter to the Church.

Dear Church,  I begin this letter addressing, not just a local church, but the greater Church (signified by the capital “C”). It is a larger community of people that I humbly serve alongside within His body here on earth. I’m not the only pastor in this city. I’m surrounded by great pastors and leaders whoContinue reading “The Church in the Hands of Angry People: An Open Letter to the Church.”

Relational Poverty

When I was a youth pastor, I’d take annual foreign mission trips with my students. And leading up to the trip we’d have training and prep to do. Of the many talks we would have, one in particular was about the difference between relative poverty and absolute poverty. One shows a poverty existing only inContinue reading “Relational Poverty”

My Friend Leon: 3 Ways You can Get Community in Your Life

Last Sunday, I was doing an introduction for a friend who was bringing the message at Kfirst. Jp Dorsey brought an outstanding word to our congregation that I have been chewing on ever since the weekend. If you were not able to join us, check it out here. In my intro for Jp, there was aContinue reading “My Friend Leon: 3 Ways You can Get Community in Your Life”

Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “Seven-Day Church”

Today I want to give you a place to start your week. It’s Monday and in the wake of a great weekend and a workweek ahead, sometimes you just need a “kickstart” to get focused.  So grab some coffee let’s start a great week together.           Sunday, we continued our currentContinue reading “Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “Seven-Day Church””

Pastoring in a Vacuum: 4 Ways to Invite Much Needed Connection

In my backpack, apart from my laptop, you’ll find 3 essentials. My iPad, my journal, and a book I’m reading (don’t judge me for not saying “bible” as it’s always accessible on my phone and/or tablet). The reasons for these three: My iPad for my bible and my tunes A book positions me to be stretchedContinue reading “Pastoring in a Vacuum: 4 Ways to Invite Much Needed Connection”

Kingdom Health: 3 Pastoral Lessons from the Vineyard

One of the strategies of preaching that I’ve really tried to learn from Jesus’ example was the ability to connect the Kingdom to present surroundings/experiences. He was a master at helping to give people understanding by turning people’s attention to things like fields, birds, lost coins, and sheep. A tangible metaphor helped explain the Kingdom in a way that peopleContinue reading “Kingdom Health: 3 Pastoral Lessons from the Vineyard”

Pastor to Pastor: 3 Key Connections and 3 Key Questions

I sincerely love my neighbors, the Chandlers. They are a retired ministry couple that have the sweetest demeanor about them. Whenever I can, I love to look for opportunities to help them. In the winter “try” to assist them with the snow removal on their sidewalk and driveway. I will say last winter, to God be the glory, I NOT ONCE sucked upContinue reading “Pastor to Pastor: 3 Key Connections and 3 Key Questions”

Our Kfirst Values: God works in community

I started a series a few weeks about the values of our church community. Here at Kfirst, our mission is our passion:  We make it simple for people to find and follow Jesus. And our values guide us towards that goal. Check out last weeks by clicking on the value statement: Week 1 – Everyone is Significant. Week 2 – WeContinue reading “Our Kfirst Values: God works in community”

A2B: 2 Ways to Engage in Our New Series at Kfirst

Life isn’t about destinations.  It’s about the journey. The journey helps us move from where we are today (A) to where God wants us to be (B).  We like to start endeavors. We like to complete them.  It’s the journey in between that we don’t look forward to.  Many times, the process from A toContinue reading “A2B: 2 Ways to Engage in Our New Series at Kfirst”