30-Something Lessons My Wife Taught Me: A Birthday Blog For Anne


To honor my wife, I thought I’d offer a quick lesson Anne has taught me for every year she’s been alive:

1 – It costs nothing to be kind.
2 – The sun being out makes everything better.
3 – Prayer isn’t a moment; it’s a lifestyle.
4 – Swedish Fish and popcorn make TV shows better.
5 – Don’t mess with the “Monday Schedule.”
6 – There is never any reason for tickling. It should be a federal crime outlawed in all states.
7 – Snacking is just like having a meal but is stretched out over the course of a few hours.
8 – Listening is an art.
9 – A home should be a safe-haven.
10 – A smile can melt the hardest of hearts.
11 – Encouragement can never be over-done.
12 – There’s always time for ice-cream.
13 – Dating is never optional in marriage.
14 – Weather is no excuse for not getting a run in.
15 – The door, garage, and oven must be checked on before going to bed.
16 – Pools > open bodies of water (because the fish will get you).
17 – Quality running shoes lead to healthy running.
18 – Accountability makes a world of difference.
19 – Laughter is mandatory for a happy marriage.
20 – A walk can calm the heart and clear the mind.
21 – “Do you want a taco?” is a ridiculous question of epic proportion.
22 – Football is only a game.
23 – Only approved pictures get placed on social media.
24 – Keep one ear bud out on a jog so you can hear traffic when you are running.
25 – The government/CIA/FBI is always watching. (#ParanoiaFromTooManyTVShows)
26 – There’s no excuse…anyone can be generous.
27 – Resilience is the key to perseverance.
28 – A personal pain threshold is higher than you realize.
29 – Your calling isn’t my calling; my calling isn’t yours.
30 – Comparing yourself with others sucks the joy from your life.
30-something – Did I mention ice-cream…probably, but it bears repeating: There’s always time for ice-cream.
30-something – Loving your children yet they drive you nuts is a constant tension.
30-something – It doesn’t matter who got into bed first, Dave will always be the one to get up to turn off the light.
30-something – Sleeping-in is the best.
30-something – A quiet home is better than flowers.
30-something – Everyone should feel they are valued.
30-something – Everybody has time for someone.
30-something – A meaningful connection after a service can be just as impactful (if not more) as a Sunday sermon.
30-something – If you’re too busy to laugh, you’re just too busy.

I love ya babe.  I’m privileged to say that I’ve known more years of life with you than not.  You’re the best…and pretty hot. 🙂


Thanks for letting me ramble…every day!!

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