Passive Aggression…and it’s killing your marriage.

Passive aggressive behavior is all about one simple word: disconnect. It’s the “disconnect”¬†between what is being said and what is being done. ¬†Unfortunately, all around us, marriages are suffering from it. ¬†There are many different ways in which passive aggressive behavior can be expressed in our marriage. What I’ve got written down here is aContinue reading “Passive Aggression…and it’s killing your marriage.”

Want to sabotage your marriage? I can help!!!

If there’s any one subject I’m very passionate about outside of Christ and pastoring, it’s Marriage. Luckily, marriage is a big part of my pastoring. As far as topics, it’s the one that I read about the most. I won’t go to the place where I will proclaim to be an expert or a “know-it-all”Continue reading “Want to sabotage your marriage? I can help!!!”