Marriage Series: Fight Club Part 2…Break it down

We began a series last week about fighting in marriage. If you missed last week, check out Fight Club Part 1: The first rule of Fight Club. As stated last week, I believe in marriage and I believe conflict happens in marriage.  But my philosophy about fighting in marriage is: Healthy conflict is healthy for marriage. It’sContinue reading “Marriage Series: Fight Club Part 2…Break it down”

New 2 Minute Devo Series: “Watch Your Mouth”

August is our journey through the 2 minute series called “Watch Your Mouth”.  I want to invite you to join me as we. It’s as simple as viewing  the vlog and reading the passage for the day.  Today’s passage is Jeremiah 1:9: Jeremiah 1:9 (The Message) 9-10 God reached out, touched my mouth, and said,     “Look! I’ve just putContinue reading “New 2 Minute Devo Series: “Watch Your Mouth””