A2B: 2 Ways to Engage in Our New Series at Kfirst

Life isn’t about destinations.  It’s about the journey. The journey helps us move from where we are today (A) to where God wants us to be (B).  We like to start endeavors. We like to complete them.  It’s the journey in between that we don’t look forward to.  Many times, the process from A to B is the struggle but it’s where the metal of our lives is made.

In order to move from A to B we have to trust our journey to God’s path. We need to trust His direction.  We have to trust He is there even when we don’t see it. We have to trust that what He is doing after Point A  may be more valuable than arriving at Point B. Because A to B is about the process:

It starts today

It starts in Him

And it starts with you.

Two things we’re asking you to do: 

1. Invite someone out to our series.  Everyone is on a journey.  What better way to impact someone’s journey than to invite them to come out and encounter the love of God in our church community.

2. Get involved in a A2B Group.  Find 2-3 people and commit to connecting once a week during the series.  Get together with friends and possibly find someone new. It doesn’t matter if it’s more than 2-3, what matters is the connection.  Do coffee.  Do lunch.  Don’t even worry about what to talk about because we’ll give you the questions to ask.  Just be dedicated to connection and watch God work in your life as you engage in community with one another.  We’ll provide you with a “A2B Card” to help be a reminder for ya of where and when your group decided to meet.

I love pastoring Kfirst and I can’t wait for the start of our A2B journey together.  I believe God is going to do amazing things.

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