Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “The End of Ten” #InterruptSeries

We all have a mode we get into when we are trying to accomplish something. You may put earbuds in to drown out noise. Maybe you find a place of solitude away from people and distractions. It is all about positioning yourself to be productive without anything or anyone interfering with your goals or trainContinue reading “Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “The End of Ten” #InterruptSeries”

Ten Things I Hate About My Spouse

If you were to ask your friends/family/coworkers to make a “TOP TEN” list for you, what type of list would they make? Would it be, “Ten Things I Hate About My Spouse”? ¬†Or would it be “Ten Things I Love About My Spouse”? I almost borrowed the title of the 1999 teen romance film, “ThenContinue reading “Ten Things I Hate About My Spouse”