“Look What You Made Me Do”: 4 Thoughts on Mistakes in Marriage

About a couples years ago, I was letting my daughter back out the car and, well, she ran over the mailbox (yes I have permission from her to share this). When she ran it over, her first response was “If you wouldn’t have parked the car crooked, that wouldn’t have happened.” Enter a “dad-talk” aboutContinue reading ““Look What You Made Me Do”: 4 Thoughts on Mistakes in Marriage”

Marriage Series: Catchphrases – Stop saying “I’m Sorry!”

My sole goal of this week’s marriage blog is simple:  I want you to stop saying “I’m sorry.” Relax…get ya some tea (Moroccan is my fav)…and I’ll explain. Two weeks ago we began a new series entitled “Marital Catchphrases” in which we look at the random phrases we toss out almost flippantly to our spouses whileContinue reading “Marriage Series: Catchphrases – Stop saying “I’m Sorry!””