My Marriage is Terribly Inconvenient!

I’ve been married 16 years. I love being married and I can’t imagine life without Anne.  We have had some great times and moments. We laugh a lot together. We have two fantastic children and we are blessed to serve in an amazing church is their pastor. But I’ll say this is of my marriage:  ItContinue reading “My Marriage is Terribly Inconvenient!”

Marriage Blog: Faking Your Death

I read quite a few blogs and articles on marriage.  I’m always intrigued by titles.  Then one came across my screen… “Groom Poorly Fakes Death to Get Out of Wedding” Clicking on the link will introduce a small story about a poorly approached attempt to circumvent getting out of a wedding.  When I think I’ve heardContinue reading “Marriage Blog: Faking Your Death”

Marriage Blog: The Pre-nup Mind

“It’s mine!” It is that familiar phrase yelled by my children.  Every time you hear it, you get annoyed.  The problem is you’re not sure what’s more frustrating: them yelling and screaming or the fact that you remember when you did the same thing. We were once at the age where we fought with siblings or friendsContinue reading “Marriage Blog: The Pre-nup Mind”