Antagonizing Your Spouse

I’ve got an amazing sister.  3 and a half years younger yet people always wondered if she was older than me. She’s carried the hardworking genes of my parents into her life.  An exceptional mother of 5.  A nursing student. A wife of a police officer.  There are very few that can match the resumeContinue reading “Antagonizing Your Spouse”

2 Minute Devo: “Stop being annoying” 1 Cor. 13:1

August is our journey through the 2 minute series called “Watch Your Mouth”.  I want to invite you to join me as we. It’s as simple as viewing  the vlog and reading the passage for the day.  Today’s passage is 1 Corinthians 13:1: 1 Corinthians 13:1 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels,Continue reading “2 Minute Devo: “Stop being annoying” 1 Cor. 13:1″