Hey @kalamazoofirst…”how did you get that car on the stage?”

Happy Monday! The Lions won so it’s a happier Monday for me. That was the question that was buzzing yesterday at KFirst. Some have figured it out…some are still scratching their heads. What an outstanding day yesterday at KFirst!  If you were not there, we had a packed day of ministry that makes it excitingContinue reading “Hey @kalamazoofirst…”how did you get that car on the stage?””

“Snoring can cause all sorts of marital trauma.”

Disclaimer: The title has nothing to do with Anne or myself as neither one of us snore. Now that I’ve defused that potential bomb. The title is a quote that came up on my twitter feed yesterday and made me both laugh and think a bit deeper about a subject that most people enjoy… Sleep.Continue reading ““Snoring can cause all sorts of marital trauma.””

6 items I want @kalamazoofirst to know on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day KFirst! There a few things I would love to share with you today… #1 – What an awesome day at KFirst yesterday morning.  Pastor Matt brought a great word “Connect the Dots.”  If you missed it, check out the KFirst Website or download it in iTunes in the next few days. PMatt sharedContinue reading “6 items I want @kalamazoofirst to know on Labor Day”

“Get some espresso and wake up.”

About Midnight, I was finally ready to go to sleep. Then it happened. (dramatic pause) An event that is all too familiar for parents. From the moment our children are born, an event takes place, frequently, that will interrupt sleep and delay your planned slumber for at least 20 minutes wondering if “the event” willContinue reading ““Get some espresso and wake up.””

5 Things I want @Kalamazoofirst to know…

Happy Monday KFirst! There a few things I would love to share with you today… #1 – What a great morning yesterday!!!  It’s an incredible sight to see people with  “brazen tenacity” praying at the altar.  Some stood.  Some were on their face.  Some knelt in tears. We all focused on who the Lord is andContinue reading “5 Things I want @Kalamazoofirst to know…”

Like a boss

These three words haunt my home. “…like a boss” Why? Because my 9-year-old son attaches these words to everything he does. “I just played Minecraft…like a boss” “I just dominated dad in Halo…like a boss” “I’m gonna go shoot my BB gun…like a boss” (after shooting a target) “you see that dad…like a boss” HeContinue reading “Like a boss”

Headlines from a weekend @ KFirst…

Happy Monday KFirst… This is the official launch of the PDave blog!  It’s something that I’m completely stoked about.  It’s not necessarily my first stab at it. My “ramblings” began a few years ago.  I have to say, I have been hesitant getting back into it. But after a long hiatus and a lot ofContinue reading “Headlines from a weekend @ KFirst…”