Done with Guilt: Recap of 10 items from Sunday at KFirst #ChangeTheStation

We’re coming out of week 2 of our series “Change the Station” and Anne and I had quite a few requests for some of the notes  from the message, “Get Tuned In” as we dealt with the issue of guilt.  

Scripture: Romans 7:18-25; 8:1-6; 26-39

  1. The state of your life is usually a reflection of the state of your mind. As a man THINKS so is he!
  2. Guilt, by nature, is meant to BREAK YOU DOWN by doing 2 things:
    • Overwhelm you.
    • Overwork you.
  3. Guilt stays where it has been invited to rest.
  4. John 16:8 God has called us to live according to CONVICTION and NOT GUILT. 
  5. There’s huge differences between GUILT and CONVICTION:
    • GUILT: Causes me to think about myself through the lens of ME.
      • CONVICTION: causes me to think about myself through the lens of JESUS.
    • GUILT: Wants to wallow in sinful patterns.
      • CONVICTION: Uses Godly sorrow to identify sinful actions
    • GUILT: Wants to make you discontented and lethargic.
      • CONVICTION: Wants to push you into action. 
    • GUILT: Steals my hope by focusing on all that is wrong. 
      • CONVICTION: Give me hope because I see my wrongs through of the work of Jesus Christ.
    • GUILT’s role is to push you down on the ground. 
      • CONVICTION’s role is to get you up off the mat.
    • CONVICTION is that nudge of the Holy Spirit in our lives to point us in the right direction. 
    • CONVICTION makes uncomfortable in moments in order to move forward in a Christ-centered manner. 
    • CONVICTION puts Holy Spirit passion to our direction.
  6. Guilt is an anchor; Conviction is a baton. 
  7. The Holy Spirit helps us by…
    • 1 – Releasing you from Guilt
    • 2 – Guiding you with conviction.
    • 3 – Equipping you to live.
  8. Are we actively creating a culture of guilt instead of a culture that cultivates Holy Spirit conviction?
  9. 1 John 3:20 “…for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything.” 
  10. Holy Spirit conviction brings change that guilt can never produce.

It was  awesome to hear how God was speaking into hearts and lives.  We’re praying the response to the second half of our series is as good as the first half.  

Pastor Dave and Anne

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