Am I guilty of indecently exposing my spouse?

I love people watching.  The mall is a great place to do it.  Because I don’t enjoy shopping at the mall, I find myself finding a chair and getting caught up on twitter and blogs. While at another shopping adventure, I began to watch couples. I watched how they acted.  I watched their responses toContinue reading “Am I guilty of indecently exposing my spouse?”

Information for a free gift…and 5 things for @kalamazoofirst

Top of the morning to ya!  It’s Monday so get some coffee and buckle up for a great week. I laugh at Facebook links, Twitter links, and the spam emails that simply say, “Click here for a free gift.” The ad isn’t funny. It’s knowing that we are so desperate to get “free” stuff thatContinue reading “Information for a free gift…and 5 things for @kalamazoofirst”

“Are you talking nautical to me?”

Is anyone else a fan of Sig Hanson?  Any Discovery Channel geeks out there? If you’ve never partaken in this amazing show, “Deadliest Catch” is a documentary series chronicling the real-life high-sea adventures of the Alaskan crab fishermen. It is professed to be the most deadly profession in the world (and for good reason). SigContinue reading ““Are you talking nautical to me?””

Are you having trouble with profanity?

Happy Monday…er Tuesday! I’m late in getting this out.  I had a great time speaking yesterday at Zion Bible College – GR.  I love connecting with future/present ministers!!! We are in the thick of the fall season and I’m excited about what’s happening in our church community. If you were not able to join us,Continue reading “Are you having trouble with profanity?”

“Are you good at counting?”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. I swear it’s part of my DNA. I didn’t ask  for it. I was addicted to it. I also know it’s not just me. You might be guilty of it too.  You may still do it. Counting. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. Believe me, I should be the last one talking about mathematics.  AskContinue reading ““Are you good at counting?””

“Snoring can cause all sorts of marital trauma.”

Disclaimer: The title has nothing to do with Anne or myself as neither one of us snore. Now that I’ve defused that potential bomb. The title is a quote that came up on my twitter feed yesterday and made me both laugh and think a bit deeper about a subject that most people enjoy… Sleep.Continue reading ““Snoring can cause all sorts of marital trauma.””

6 items I want @kalamazoofirst to know on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day KFirst! There a few things I would love to share with you today… #1 – What an awesome day at KFirst yesterday morning.  Pastor Matt brought a great word “Connect the Dots.”  If you missed it, check out the KFirst Website or download it in iTunes in the next few days. PMatt sharedContinue reading “6 items I want @kalamazoofirst to know on Labor Day”

Like a boss

These three words haunt my home. “…like a boss” Why? Because my 9-year-old son attaches these words to everything he does. “I just played Minecraft…like a boss” “I just dominated dad in Halo…like a boss” “I’m gonna go shoot my BB gun…like a boss” (after shooting a target) “you see that dad…like a boss” HeContinue reading “Like a boss”