Soul Therapy | Week Three

FRIDAY 5.15.20

Devotion: Disarming your Triggers

Begin to choose to see yourself as God sees you and stop buying into Satan’s deception. There will be two or three lies in your pattern of thinking that activate your triggers, usually around fear of failure and fear of rejection. Recognize the lie and practice saying “Request denied“. What you allow yourself to tolerate will dominate your thinking and actions. Ask God, “Is there a lie I’m believing?” As He shares this with you, follow the process of repenting and renouncing the lie. Give the lie to God and ask Him to replace it with the truth. God is kind. He always responds. Be aware of God’s truths that you struggle with as this may give you a good place to start as part of your inner healing and acceptance of your identity. God wants you to receive deep in your heart all the truths—not just a pick-and-mix selection of them.

As you begin to understand the truth of who you are and walk with godly values and beliefs people will draw closer to you and you will be better positioned to positively influence people, places, and situations.

Romans 12:2

Matthew 22:37

1 John 3:1

Romans 8:35

Ephesians 2:6

Romans 8:17

2 Corinthians 5:20

2 Corinthians 3:18

Credit to: Cultivating Emotional Maturity by Malcolm Down


THURSDAY 5.14.20

Journal Prompt: What moments tend to stir up the most emotion?

If you aren’t familiar with journaling, go to week one for some tips.


TUESDAY 5.12.20

Be Still

Today’s Spiritual practice is simple but it is usually the most difficult for people to do. And it is the practice of being still. Stilling yourself from distraction and even the normalcy of life which can be fastpaced. We encourage you to sit in creation and have a moment of rest. Listen to worship music. Read scripture. Journal. Just rest in the presence of God. Whatever it may be, just allow yourself time to be still.

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