Soul Therapy | Week Five

SATURDAY 5.31.20

As we continue to move forward, it is important to implement Healthy Habits to your everyday routine (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally). Whether that means going on daily walks while listening to a podcast, journaling in the mornings, reading scripture, eating healthier meals… whatever it is, we encourage you to stick to at least one thing. Once you have made a habit out of that, it is easier to add others. Healthy habits can make a big impact not only on your mind and body, but on your attitude and spiritual life as well.


FRIDAY 5.29.20

Devotion: Achieving healthier balance in life


Triggers and negative behaviors are most likely to go off when you are tired, stressed, and out of balance. Here are just a few ideas to help you build greater balance into your life.

1. Prioritize your time with God. Share the joys and disappointments and hear His loving affirmation over you.

2. List and celebrate successes alongside thanking God.

3. List and celebrate what you are grateful for every day to cultivate a heart of gratitude believing that God is good, even when we face difficult times.

4. Respond to the chatterbox-voice lies with ‘Request denied!’ Replace with positive truths.

5. When people acknowledge you, absorb it and say thank you. 

6. Don’t compare self to others. You are unique so run your race as God intended rather than trying to run some else’s. 

7. Be honest and authentic with your thoughts and feelings. Masks push people away whereas being real with people enables them to come closer.

8. Learn when to say ‘no’ rather than being over-allowing to others. 

9. Have a ‘should’ free day. Prioritize what is really important. The rest can wait.

10. Participate in life: a job you enjoy, friends, family, activities you love.

11. Plan rest time each week; quality time with God, family, and friends, but also time for yourself. Your body is not designed to work 24/7.

12. Consider what you eat and drink and your sleep and exercise patterns. Your body is the temple for the Holy Spirit so make it a pleasant place for Him to inhabit.

13. Plan and take your full holiday entitlement throughout the year and use this time to refresh; no laptop or work mobile because the world of work can carry on without you.

14. Set and write down goals and dream big with God. Our generous Father in heaven loves to lavish His children and it is great fun seeing dreams fulfilled. 

Colossians 3:2

Proverbs 3:5-6

Psalms 139:23

Credit to: Cultivating Emotional Maturity by Malcolm Down


THURSDAY 5.28.20

Journal Prompt: How can you take more responsibility with your emotions?

If you aren’t familiar with journaling, go to week one for some tips.

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