Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “The Long Game” #IAmChurch

I love our church. In fact, I think that you love our church too – otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But what is it exactly that we love about our church community? Why do we gather every Sunday here? Why do we volunteer here? Why don’t we see the people, not the building, as the church? We believe when the Church is working right, there is nothing like it. The Church is not an organization. It’s an organism designed to live, move, and have being. January is all about celebrating what Christ established. In Matthew 16, Jesus gave us this promise that He would build His Church, and that nothing could prevail against it. So, we don’t just attend a church and we don’t just tolerate the Church — we celebrate it, because we are part of that Church that Jesus is building! This month, we celebrate everything that God has done, while looking forward to the future. We have a rich history here at Kfirst, but we believe that the best is yet to come.

Check out the service from the website. 

Other thoughts from the Youversion notes from Sunday:

  • The decisions we make today will determine the stories we tell about our lives tomorrow.
  • “Every decision matters. Decisions determine direction and direction determines destination.” Herbert Cooper
  • A fruitful life isn’t based on a few big decisions, but thousands of “normal” decisions during “normal” times.
  • Tomorrows fruitfulness is seeded in todays faithfulness.
  • When making daily decisions ask, “What would honor God the most?”
  • Don’t allow your feelings to occupy the throne of your decisions.

Love you all!  See you this Sunday!

BTW: Here’s a great song for the week…


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