Living Out My “Why”

I am Joseph.” – Genesis 45:3

I’ve been so captivated by those three words over the past couple weeks. It’s not only sent us into our week 4 of our series “Dreams and Drama” last Sunday at Kfirst, but it’s carrying over into week 5 of “Dreams and Drama.”

The words “I am Joseph” doesn’t seem like much on the surface. That’s what we know him as. But for the previous 9 years, he’s lived behind an Egyptian name and his Egyptian title (Genesis 41;45). But when it came to really confronting the issues of his heart, it would have been easy to stay hidden behind the authority given or a name handed to him. He chose to come forward with who he was.

I am Joseph

In 3 words, he establishes connection and relationship.
In 3 words, he makes himself vulnerable to those who stand before him.
In 3 words, he risks his heart being hurt by the response of others.

These 3 words spoke of the “who” in his life (identity). Joseph had a security within him formed by the One who had been with him ever step of his journey.  You might think, “It’s easy to be secure in your identity sitting on a throne.” But I submit: This was the pattern we’ve seen in Joseph for the previous 23 years. A pit, a prison, a palace; diverse circumstances, same identity. Joseph was secure not in what he dealt with but who he was in God.

And from that identity, he lived out his “why” (purpose).

…for God sent me before you to preserve life.” – Genesis 45:5

Many times, we think life is about us, our preferences, and our accomplishments. I’m not against ambition per se. But when the ambition centers around our own selfishness, there is much to call into question. Because those pursuits were never meant to be life-giving but life draining. Again, wanting to accomplish something is good. But when it’s all about “you,” it never really satisfies.

It is in Genesis 45 we see a beautiful way to shape our “why” in life (why we do what we do). Our “why” is about glorifying God and blessing others. I know no greater way to live that is as live-giving as navigating your identity with the “why” of honoring Jesus and looking to pour into people.

This translates into every facet: marriage, job, friendships, hobbies, etc. When the center of our lives is who we are in Jesus AND we live that out in a way for Him to be honored, we truly understand what it means to live. Ultimately, it really won’t matter the “what” in life (titles, accolades, roles). That get’s fleshed out when we understand the “who” and the “why.”

Today, next step can you take to deepen your identity in Christ? As you are in prayer, ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to live out your “why.” Ask Him for an opportunity to glorify Him and bless others.

Love you all. Praying for you.


Thanks for letting me ramble…

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