Captivated By Comfort

And Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.Matthew 14:28-29

Going through my journal stuff that didn’t make Sunday’s message at Kfirst, a statement stood out in the midst of the mess that is my research notes:

You’ve never gotten uncomfortable “in God” because you’ve never or refuse to leave a spot that was comfortable.

I get it.

Like when I’m in my favorite chair watching a game and I need something. I don’t want to get up so I ask my kids to stop what they’re doing to grab something for me.

I’m comfortable.
I want something I don’t currently possess.
I don’t want to move or expend the effort to get what I want YET I expect to still receive it.

Most likely, you’ve seen this too. Perhaps it isn’t this exact situation, but you’ve seen people, who have huge expectations, but want something with little to no effort.

I want a better relationship, but don’t ask me to change.
I want a better position, but don’t ask me to do more than what is asked.”
I want what others have but won’t steward what I currently have.

And, unfortunately, we do that with God.

I thank the Lord that we are not saved by works (performance) but by grace through faith in Jesus. But our faith may save us, but our obedience changes us. When we walk in step with what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives, transformation naturally (or supernaturally for that matter) happens.

The simplicity of Matthew 14:28-29 spoke to me as a child and still challenges me today.

First, the simplicity of what Peter calls out to Jesus, “…command me…” In other words, “Jesus, if it’s you, then give me the ability to step out on what I know can drown me.” This fisherman knew the price that can come from those waters. He knew what he was facing. But that audacious faith to know what he was facing, yet call out to Jesus for the strength and ability to not just to face it but step into it.

There were opportunities in my life that I wanted to abandon because of the size of the task.
There were relationships I wanted to avoid because of the work.
There were challenges I wanted to reject because of the difficulty.

It’s easy to “stay in the boat” of comfort. No change is expected; little to nothing is demanded. But our comfort my feel secure, but comfort zones become the breeding ground for spiritual insecurity. Comfort zones don’t protect us. They decay our passion for Christ and deteriorate us in the shame of “what could have been.”

But I love the resolve of Peter. He didn’t just call out, secondly, he stepped out in response to Jesus. Comfort gets you focused I “why you shouldn’t” instead of “why can’t I?” Quit focusing on what’s wrong with you and start remembering what’s right with Jesus. Be willing to not just call out to the Lord about what to do AND be willing to respond by stepping out in obedience.  The blessing you may be looking for is on the other side of obedience. 

I can’t promise an easy road, but I can promise a blessed one. Following Jesus is full of life and challenge. Yet many who have faith in Jesus, try to live in the safety of their comfort. Faith is where your journey starts with Jesus, obedience is where you realize the potential of that faith.

Today, call out then step out. Totally simple concept; incredibly difficult for our comfort.


Thanks for letting me ramble…

BTW: This is the song on repeat today for me…

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