Increase the Decibel of Heaven

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” – Luke 5:16

In the kickoff of our series on Sunday at Kfirst, we emphasized that God loves to speak to us. Like Joseph, God can give us a vision for our lives that set our feet upon a path. But before we get to the path to follow, we need to hear from God. And I truly believe that God still speaks to us.

Many people I talk to believes God still speaks (Christian and non-Christian). But most of them will tell me, though they believe God still speaks today, they do not think God speaks to them personally.

You may be one of those who feel that way. I’ve been there; I understand. And my encouragement to you is simple this: increase the decibel of heaven.

It’s easy to place blame on God not speaking. But I find, personally, there isn’t a lack of God’s communication as much as there’s a lack of me being in position to listen to him. Luke 5:16 has been a very precious and impactful passage to me.  Jesus knew the value of withdrawing away from the noise of culture and crowds in order to “increase the volume of heaven.”

Step 1: Decrease the volume of life. In an age where our senses are constantly engaged at all hours of the day by multiple screens and people, it seems our culture’s volume continues to increase. And instead of strategically looking to “turn up” the voice of God in our lives, we allow ourselves to be victimized by the amplification of the noise in our lives. Have that Jesus-driven audacity to take control of the moment and “withdraw” away (even if it’s for a few moments). 

Step 2: Increase the decibels of heaven.  Learn to hear from God by turning up the “decibel of heaven.” Engage in an activity that positions your attention in God’s direction. Read the scriptures (get a reading plan). Plan a time of fasting and prayer. Go for a walk in nature (my favorite). Find someone to serve. Have a conversation with a trusted friend. Pick a worship song that speaks to you and digest the lyrics. I believe God is speaking all the time. I just don’t believe we are positioning ourselves to listen.

Do you need a God-dream for your life? Do you need to hear from the Lord? Perhaps the most simplistic approach that definitely takes effort and purpose to do is to “increase the decibel of heaven.” Posture your heart and receive from Him.


Thanks for letting me ramble…

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