My Declaration over Kfirst #RiseUp

I’ve had a number of people ask me about the declaration(s) I read yesterday over the congregation as we brought our series to a close.

I declare:
There is no promise too hard for my God to fulfill.
There is no prayer too intimidating for God to answer.
There doesn’t exist a problem too big for God to solve.

I declare there is no sickness that God cannot heal.
No broken heart God cannot mend.
No relationship God He cannot restore.
No sin He cannot forgive, past He cannot redeem, or bondage He cannot break.

I declare that there is no need my God cannot meet.
There’s no mountain He cannot move or enemy He cannot defeat.

There’s nothing my god cannot do.

I declare: The cities in and around Kalamazoo will be cities of destiny.
I declare: We will see God’s goodness in the land of the living.
I declare: We will see a revival of forgiveness, grace, and mercy.
I declare: We will see a healing of marriages and relationships.
I declare: Our younger generations will not be lost as casualties to our culture.

And I declare: The best has YET to come.

Love you all. And I love being your pastor.

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