Almost 40, but she isn’t an “almost” person. A Birthday blog to my sister.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. In the midst of green color decor lies a birthday to one of the people dearest to my heart: My sister. Rachael was born on March 17, 1979. If you do the math, you’ll notice something special about this birthday:

This last year of her 30’s. Rachael is almost 40.

As an older brother who’s 3+ years older, I’ve had to endure “40’s” jokes. So there’s a part of me that looks forward to her joining the “40’s club” 365 days from now (which isn’t bad because I love my 40’s).

BUT…she’s not 40 yet; she’s almost 40.

And it’s that word “almost” that sticks out to me. Why? Rachael isn’t an “almost” person. In the midst of a world of people who stop short because of circumstances and situations, Rach doesn’t linger in “almost.” She pushes on.

Almost is where too many people live. It’s the state of “I didn’t make it,” “I almost got there,” or “I’m so close but I can’t/won’t push on.” The place of “almost” is where people tend stop. Why? It’s safer there. There’s less pressure to do anything more than “almost.” You don’t need to excel nor do you need to start over. It can be a place of safety as you can linger in the comfort of “almost.”

And this is what I don’t see in my almost 40 sister: She isn’t content with “almost.” Rach refuses to stop at “almost.” She will push through until the door closes. And if the door closes, she’ll start knocking till another one opens. “Almost” is not Rachael. And I love that about her.

As I said in last year’s birthday blog to her, “Rachael is proof that we don’t have to live as a causality of ‘life’ but as a overcomer to what we face.” Refusing to be an “almost person” doesn’t mean you’re perfect, everything goes right for you, or that you don’t make mistakes (we all do). Where “almost” stays “down for the count,” Rach gets off the mat ready for another round. And each time she get’s up, she’s stronger, wiser, and ready to tackle the challenge of “life.”

It’s for this reason, my sister is NOT

  • …”almost” a good mom.
  • …”almost” a good wife.
  • …”almost” a good nurse.
  • …”almost” a good daughter.
  • …”almost” a good sister.
  • …”almost” generous to others.
  • …”almost” thoughtful.

Almost” is a place we all visit, but it’s a terrible place to live. We were made to keep moving forward into the things/dreams God has placed in our hearts. When you get hit with the “almost” moments in life, learn from my sister, Rachael. When “almost” hits you…

  • Never stop learning.
  • Never stop growing.
  • Never stop forgiving.
  • Never stop working.
  • Never stop loving.

Love you Rach. Have a great birthday. And hope when others read this blog, they’re see the amazing woman you’ve become and learn from you just as much as I have these past almost 40 years.


Thanks for letting me ramble…

One response to “Almost 40, but she isn’t an “almost” person. A Birthday blog to my sister.”

  1. Almost heartwarming naw just kidding lol it was Absolutely Heartwarming and May it Inspire others and a very Happy Birthday to your sister God Bless and Keep on Keeping on… Amen

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