Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “Give Me Some Space” #CatchingFoxes

Today I want to give you a place to start your week. It’s Monday and in the wake of a great weekend and a workweek ahead, sometimes you just need a “kickstart” to get focused.  So grab some coffee let’s start a great week together.

Today we wrapped up our series with our Kfirst community that focused on how God wants to connect and use our emotions.  (Click here for yesterday’s notes.)

Our final message shifted our focus from how we deal with our own emotions to who we can help those in emotional trials.  So often, when we are not comfortable with what others were feeling, we either try to “fix” their feelings or move them out of what they’re feeling. And, often, we wind up damaging or stifling the emotions. Emotions need oxygen to breath so that they can develop. They need to be in position to grow and mature; not suppressed so they never reach their potential.

Our inspiration and instruction came from Matthew 26 when Jesus went into Gethsemane to pray. Matthew 26:38, Jesus says he felt, “very sorrowful, even to death.” In the midst of the most difficult time of his life, Jesus asks his closes companions for some “space.” He needed, not for others to FIX him or SAVE him, but for them to BE with him.  He needed a place with others and with God to process and deal with the flood of feelings he was experiencing.

This is a calling for all of us. We are to help provide others with the space to help them develop what is going on below the surface. And we can provide emotional space in three ways:

  1. Be present in the moment. 
    • You need to pause “Am I really present with this person right now?” The disciples missed their opportunity by focusing on their needs (sleep) and forgetting why they were asked to go deeper into the garden with Jesus.
    • We can do it by:
      • Listening.
      • Walking alongside without judgement and making people feel inadequate because of their emotions.
      • Let go of the need to control what others are feeling and we trust the Holy Spirit to be at work.
  2. Relinquish distractions.
    1. I’ve got to be willing to lay down the things that distract so that the we can dedicate the attention needed.
  3. Release your agenda.
    • You let go of the words you have and the plans for “fixing” others. Plans fade because the space has been filled w/seeing, listening, and being with them.

This week, would you let the Holy Spirit guide you this week to provide “space” for someone? Would you look for an opportunity to give the “space” to someone? It’s a sacred privilege to have someone share their story with you. And if you get the opportunity, allow God to use you, not to speak per se, but to listen and be a healing presence.

Love you all.  Join us this Sunday as we kick off our annual marriage series “From This Day Forward.”

BTW: Here’s a song for your week!

One response to “Monday Kfirst Kickstart: “Give Me Some Space” #CatchingFoxes”

  1. Sandra Walllace Avatar
    Sandra Walllace

    Very blessed enjoying God’s truths. Looking forward to the new teaching

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