Monday Kfirst Kickstart: #Empowered week 4 “The Holy Spirit is Not a Bird”

Today I want to give you a place to start your week. It’s Monday and in the wake of a great weekend and a workweek ahead, sometimes you just need a “kickstart” to get focused.  So grab some coffee let’s start a great week together.

(For Ty’s book, “The Holy Spirit is Not a Bird,” click on the image.)


We continued our current series in our Kfirst community that focuses on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. And our focus turned to our relationship with the Holy Spirit. (Click here for yesterday’s notes.)

Yesterday we hosted Ty Buckingham. Ty shared about the misunderstandings of who the Holy Spirit and how He is viewed. When we see the Holy Spirit “as a dove” in Mathew 3:16-17, it was to give us an amazing metaphor to understand, not a way to treat the Holy Spirit. I love Ty’s illustration. When people own a bird, they’ll put it in a cage to control it and put a blanket over it to cover it to silence it and pretend it’s not there.

Again, the Holy Spirit is not a bird.

We are to uncover Him and release His work in our lives. And He does that through a relationship with us. Why do I need a relationship with the Holy Spirit?

  1. It’s Jesus’ plan. John 16:7
  2. It’s better than the life you would create for yourself. Psalms 34:7; John 14:26
  3. God desires to do the miraculous.

This week, would you purposely allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through your every day normal life. Give Him the freedom to work in you and see the miraculous happen.

Love you all. We’ll see you this Sunday as we continue our series.

BTW: Here’s the song for your prayer playlist.


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