Repairing My Social Media Reputation: 4 Simple Rules of Social Media

It won’t take long to know me before you realize that I’m a huge fan of social media. Almost daily you can find me active on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. I do have LinkedIn but no idea why (does anyone actually use it?).

Yes, you can fill me in on all the bad and the stuff you don’t like (or I can just read your posts to get that). But I see an awesome opportunity with it. Call me optimist or idealist, but just because people abuse a privilege doesn’t mean we necessarily throw it all out. Some of the misuse, I feel, simply comes with zero to no thought of, or any type of vision for it.

Personally, something happening in me a few years back. The more social media I did, the more “personal rules” formed in my head. For example, if you use the word “go” at the end of your post, I utterly refuse to comment out of some weird pet peeve I have with that (“What is your favorite restaurants…go”).  Or if you constantly post cheesy Christian memes that say something to the fact of “If you love Jesus, like it and share it,” you may get unfollowed (not unfriended). One of my favorites, the people who want to hijack the fun thread by sucking the fun out with criticism or negativity. I remember posting about my staff and I having fun and someone came in to proclaim “this is why the lost are not hearing about Jesus.” I’ve learned to delete the negativity and move on.

Then I noticed something else. Some notifications stirred stress while others brought an immediate smile. Why was that?  The social media reputations of people preceded their posts. Some people have built up a trust (or lack thereof) and anticipation for what they had to say.

So I sat back and begin to form a set “personal social media” rules to guide me and help (or even repair) my social media reputation. I love the smile that comes to my face when others post and I want to bring the same thing. So here are the four:

Inspire a Heart – Hebrews 3:13
Every morning, I like starting off with something “inspirational” that will encourage and/or challenge someone. Usually, these are born out of my journal postings, study, and reading. There’s no rhyme or pattern as they are just thoughts, I feel, the Lord is developing and working in my life.  As silly as it may sound to you, keeping this in front of me has challenged me to continue to journal, process thoughts, and work hard at bringing them to a simplistic form (144 characters or less).  In the midst of a world of constant media that facilitates no hope, I want people to know where they can find some sort of encouragement every morning.

Bring a Smile – Proverbs 17:22
My daughter and I talk about how much we enjoy “finding the funny” in life. From moments in stores to the stuff that happens every day in our home, I learned a long time ago from my Canadian grandfather to “find the funny.” It seemed that he had a way of looking at the serious world us in a different light.

People think authenticity is reason enough to be negative in the name of “being real.” I feel negativity is a lazy and takes little to no effort. I see authenticity as reason enough to connect to others about how human you are. I don’t care about my “title.” My heart is to help bring a smile to someone.

Social media is a chance to say, “I bet I’m not the only one who’s done this.”  Some of you worship the image of yourself that you’ve been trying to create to people on social media. I’m about smashing idols. Be humble to share mistakes. Be open about the silly things that happen. Find ways to add to someone’s joy and amusement. It’s amazing that, in the midst of your humiliating authentic where people will connect and open up. Why? Laughter connects and heals hearts.

Give some hope. – Colossians 1:27
People should be able to see Christ in me and the hope of glory. It means my attitude and character needs to be seen in my postings. Whether my posts are about sports (most of them I leave on twitter) or about my beliefs, people are watching me and getting a glimpse of Christ. It doesn’t mean I’m ultra serious, but it does mean that I am a steward of my social media reputation. The question I ask myself, “in the platforms I express myself, is Christ being expressed?”

I am determined that believers can be Joshua’s and Caleb’s (Numbers 13-14) standing up in a world of hopelessness and be the voice of hope. I think that our statuses and posts can inspire Kingdom characteristics (Galatians 5:22-23). It shouldn’t be our only voice of evangelism but is a tremendous place for people to get a glimpse of the Christ in you and the hope of your glory.

Distinguish between public to private. – Proverbs 17:9; Proverbs 19:11, Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Peter 4:8
Just because social media is a form of community doesn’t mean all conversations need to exist there. I’ll admit, there are some subjects I won’t breach on social media because it isn’t the proper platform to express myself and/or handle the emotions behind the issue. In the words of the great social media guru Kenny Rodgers,

“You’ve got to know when to hold them. Know when to fold them. Know when to walk away. And know when to run.”

It’s maturity to know when to direct people toward private conversations instead of threads. It takes wisdom to say, “Hey, let’s continue this conversation over coffee (or at worst, a private message).” You cannot see it as an act of cowardice but a place of stewardship. Far too many threads explode out of the lack of conversational tone or ignorance over the issues and past conversations.

In the words of the great theologian Uncle Ben (Spiderman’s uncle),

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Can we reclaim social media? Can we redeem the opportunity we have at our disposal? I think with the access we have, we can not just develop community but be a source of refreshing to those we’re connected to.

Let’s make social media great again and trump the negativity (too soon?…Anne told me to put that).


Thanks for letting me ramble…


4 responses to “Repairing My Social Media Reputation: 4 Simple Rules of Social Media”

  1. Very wise. Learned the hard way a few years back. Hoping to use social media to bless, bless, bless!

  2. Thanks for this. You do bring positivity and humor. I always expect your online presence to be above board, sprinkled with fun, a dash of self effacing jocularity, and encouragement.

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