Our Kfirst Values: We are contributors

I started a series a few weeks about the values of our church community. Here at Kfirst, our mission is our passion:  We make it simple for people to find and follow Jesus. And our values guide us towards that goal.

Check out last weeks by clicking on the value statement:

Week 1 – Everyone is Significant.

This week…We are Contributors. 

We are contributers

As a pastor, I’m in a place where I hear some amazing stories from people. From how God touched someone’s life during a Sunday gathering to how the Holy Spirit has been working through their marriage and family. But there’s one thread of comments that always catches my ear.  Usually they sound something like:

“When I simply helped my neighbor, they began to open up about some things they were going through. It’s hard to put into words what I’m feeling.”
“Our family was able to help out another family who had a huge need. Serving Jesus like this is a blast.”
“I didn’t expect to get so much joy from volunteering with _________.”
“I went on a mission’s trip to bring aid and something happened inside of me that I cannot explain.”
“I our family connected with a missionary/local outreach. This is all our kids talk about.  We can’t wait to do more.”

What is it about contributing your resources (time, talent, finances) that explodes a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Why does something sync within us when we help somebody? I believe it connects us to the beginning of how we (humanity) were created. Genesis 1:26 tells us that God made mankind in His image. And that likeness comes with a disposition: to give, to serve, and/or to contribute.  So, in essence, when we act as contributors, we are both displaying His image and expressing His disposition.

You and I are blessed to be a blessing. And through our resources (time, talent, finances), we see our church and our community as a place to serve, not to be served. 

If you’re interested in being a contributor with your time and talent, please click HERE or the serve graphic below.
serve 2




At Kfirst, we are Contributors.  We are here to serve, not to be served. We view our church as a community of opportunity, not a club.

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