Navigating through Decisions: 4 Questions to Consider

What a great day!  We have been journeying through 1 Corinthians on Sunday at Kfirst and came to a message called “Slave to My Whims” today.  Paul, in 1 Corinthians 6:12 writes a warning to the church in Corinth to help navigate through issues of sin and Christian freedom: 

Just because something is technically legal doesn’t mean that it’s spiritually appropriate. If I went around doing whatever I thought I could get by with, I’d be a slave to my whims.


I’ve been asked to post a few of the notes INCLUDING the four questions to ask yourself when navigating through decisions of conduct.   So here are some of the thoughts from today along with the questions: 

  • One of the greatest symbols of the grace of God is not something we hang on a wall but Jesus displayed in a life.
  • The Human conscience, like a COMPASS, is a sensitive instrument, and can easily malfunction.
    • It can get trapped in magnetic fields that pull it off course. (WHIMS)
    • It can allow itself to be PULLED in a particular DIRECTION.
    • You need a TRUE NORTH.
  • This is where the Corinth church is at:
    • Paul says, make sure whatever activity/subject/decision, it starts in submission to the Lordship of Jesus.
    • They need a TRUE NORTH to navigate through the questions of sin and freedom in Christ.
  • Paul is determined: don’t be a slave to your whims…Jesus is YOUR TRUE NORTH

When it comes to SIN and MY FREEDOM, there are 4 QUESTIONS to ask:

  1. What does the bible say about this?
    • We must be careful to NOT simply go with our GUT/WHIMS without if we haven’t CHECKED it against biblical truth.
    • Where the bible has clearly spoken…God has clearly spoken
    • Stepping outside of the boundaries of God’s wise commands never will lead you anywhere good.
    • You need to know the difference between the “Gospel according to the Jesus” and the “Gospel according to YOU”
  2. What does the Holy Spirit tell you about your freedom?
    • Christian freedom is not freedom to do what you like, but freedom from all the things that stop you being the person God really wants you to be.
    • BUT NOTE: Submission to Christ can lead you away from things that are not an issues of sin but of Lordship. 
    • 2 Thoughts:
      • My personal preference is not an absolute truth
      • My opinion doesn’t have to be a point of division.
    • On matters of freedom in Christ…remember: 
      • Just because I CAN doesn’t mean I SHOULD
      • Just because YOU CAN’T doesn’t mean I CAN’T
      • Just because I CAN’T doesn’t mean that YOU CAN’T
      • Just because YOU CAN doesn’t mean I CAN
  3. What does Godly counsel say?
    • Chapter 9: Paul shares from his own viewpoint and experience
    • If the scripture doesn’t seem quite clean and I’m seeking direction from the Holy Spirit, I’ll seek out  CLEAR a wiser person.
      • Those who have been there…further down the road 
  4. What is the wise thing to do?
    • In light of my PAST experiences, my CURRENT circumstances, and my FUTURE hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?
    • In light of my AFFECT upon people…
      • Marriage, kids, co-workers…
    • In light of my TESTIMONY…
    • There are things where freedom MAY allow but wisdom DOES NOT…
  • Jesus didn’t come to get RID of the culture; he came to REDEEM it.
    • He did it by CONFRONTING the CULTURE with the KINGDOM
  • Christ-followers should INFLUENCE a broken culture not in REJECTION…we walk in a REDEMPTIVE RESPONSE
    • We have lives that are not driven by our whims but have Christ as the “True North”
    • It’s not about me living in PERMISSION in this life; it’s about me living in SUBMISSION.

“Jesus, lead me in the life that is completely submitted to you.”



Thanks for letting me ramble…

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