Kingdom of Generations: Notes From Today at Kfirst

Had a number of people as me if I’d share the thought from this morning from my journal:

Either I am part of making a church healthy or I am part of making a church sick…It’s my choice.

What would church look like if people outside of my generation made the same level of effort to connect with that I make?

1 – Every generation needs connection before criticism.

  • INITIATE relationship; CULTIVATE relationship
  • It is easier to be a tool of criticism than a vessel of correct behavior

2 – Every generation needs to listen before lecturing.

  • James 1:19: “slow to speak; quick to listen”

3 – Every generation needs your stories but not just your successes.

  • Have you ever shared your story? Have you ever shared your failures?

4 – Every generation needs to stray from preferences and stay on target.

  • Don’t separate yourself; Be willing to walk cross-generationally

Drawing from Rod Loy, Pastor of First Assembly North Little Rock: “David, so many of our churches struggle is we target the wrong thing. Be a church that targets the essentials”

Healthy Church slide







Opinions – Probably only shared, in a healthy way, over coffee.

Traditions – Unique to our church.

Essentials – What is essential to a soul.

We need to stay on target…AND IT STARTS WITH Genesis 22:1  “Here am I”


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