“Today” living: Personal Growth Statements about “today”

What an amazing start to our new year.  Yesterday, we kicked off our series “#MYCHURCH” with a challenge to stop wasting our today by spending it on a “someday.”  The challenge at the end of service was to not necessarily make resolutions for the year but to resolve to grow every day by keeping our focus on “today.” If you missed the message, check it out here

I read from my journal and had quite a few people approach me (and Anne) and ask if I’d publish them to help others shape their own.  Get ya a notebook, spend some time in prayer.  Let the Holy Spirit begin to speak to your heart about some daily challenges. It’s not about being perfect, but about letting the Holy Spirit grown the character of Christ in you and through you. 

So here they are

Personal Growth Statements about TODAY: 

  1. Today, I will look for any opportunity to show kindness regardless of the person or platform.
  2. Today, I will not allow people or circumstances to steal the joy that Jesus has promised to me.
  3. Today, I will make an effort to connect and edify someone not of my generation.
  4. Today, I will read my Bible for transformation instead of information.
  5. Today, I will commit the Word to memory and look to put it into practice.
  6. Today, I will not ignore what I feel God has been trying to consistently deal with me on.
  7. Today, I will encourage three times more than I criticize.
  8. Today, I will apologize to anyone I need to apologize to and offer forgiveness to anyone I need to forgive.
  9. Today, I will pray for people instead of praying about people.
  10. Today, I will do what is right instead of what is easy.
  11. Today, I will be intergrade prayer into every part of my day instead of a token moment.
  12. Today, I will look for ways to operate in the spiritual gifts and practical abilities God has blessed me with.

That’s it.  I wanted to stick to 10 but felt the Lord challenge me on a few more.  Honestly, I’m hoping to see growth in my life and to see the Lord continue to add to this list. 


Thanks for letting me ramble…

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