Israel Trip Prep Videos


To those on the normal blog emails, I apologize for you getting something you may not be connect to.  This blog is the video from our Israel Trip team meeting that has been broken up into segments.  I’d advise to watch and rewatch to continue to familiarize yourself with our trip. 

Also, if you’ve lost your packet from the meeting on August 26 or have not received one, you can download it here from this link

Here’s the video from our opening meeting split up by segments: 

Segment 1 – Introduction

Segment 2 – Introduce the Old City

Segment 3 – Gates

Segment 4 – Geography

Segment 5 – Why is Jerusalem here?

Segment 6 – Places we will visit

Segment 7 – Holy Week (Book of Mark) till Thursday

Segment 8 – Maundy Thursday till Tomb

Segment 9  – Closing Thoughts

This is going to be a life-changing trip!  I’m so glad I can experience it with you. 


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