Generosity goes beyond the bucket. Recap from yesterday at Kfirst.

We came off a great Sunday at Kfirst and had some requests to post some of the thoughts from yesterday morning as well as the list of opportunities for people to serve with generosity.  

Like we said yesterday, our generosity most go beyond putting money in the bucket. We can’t just write a check and feel that we’ve reached the epitome of giving.  Giving is so much more. As a staff, we are always dreaming of opportunities to create to give people a chance to be a team member and serve at Kfirst.  After reading a list of dream opportunities, a number of people asked if I would post that list.

Here’s the list that I read yesterday:

  • Hospital visitation team (Local hospitals, Assisted living facilities)
  • Widow ministry. 
  • Prayer team every service. 
  • Phone call team specifically to connect and help others with their “Next Step.”
  • Administrative assistant office volunteers.
  • Care teams (funeral/church food services set up tear down).
  • Benevolence team.
  • Adult LifeGroup leaders
  • Youth LifeGroup leadership to create more personal discipleship with students
  • Parking lot welcome team.
  • Video production team
  • Financial counseling program.
  • Special needs ministry for Kids First. 
  • Celebrate Recovery. 
  • Community Garden help. 
  • Kids First discipleship program.
  • Kids First worship team. 
  • First Impressions for Kids First. 
  • 2 leaders for every Kids First Blast Group.
  • Adding enough nursery workers to move our parent co-op to every other month.
  • Nursing home/shut-in ministry
  • Outreach team that focuses on meeting needs in the Kalamazoo/Portage community
  • Cafe ministry help.
  • Transportation ministry for those that cannot drive themselves

We’re a congregation of contributors and not consumers.  As the Holy Spirit begins to stir your heart, these ministries will be brought into existence though your generosity (time, talent, treasure).  If you’ve got interest, we (the staff) would love to connect with you. 

For too long, the Church has been looked at as having a reputation for taking and not adding…

Today, according to 1 Timothy 6, be on the prowl for ways to be give and serve your community.  Be a plotter and schemer of generosity as you look for ways to be generous to the world around you. 

And by doing that, people will see Jesus.

I love serving with you.  I love being your pastor.  

Thanks for letting me ramble…

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