2 Minute Devo: “Can’t do it enough” 1 Thess. 5:11

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August is our journey through the 2 minute series called “Watch Your Mouth”.  I want to invite you to join me as we. It’s as simple as viewing  the vlog and reading the passage for the day.  Today’s passage is 1 Thessalonians 5:11:

1 Thessalonians 5:11

So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you’re already doing this; just keep on doing it.

2 responses to “2 Minute Devo: “Can’t do it enough” 1 Thess. 5:11”

  1. This is so good David. I try always to speak life and not death into people. Keep up the good work you are doing. Peter and I love you and your family. Hugs to all!

    1. Thanks tons! We love you guys as well. “Oh Canada!”

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