New series coming to @kalamazoofirst (with video)!!!…and other essential links you need.

I’m wore out but still pumped from yesterday. The voice is a bit scratching and I had a sleepless night. I’ll admit I had a few nightmares…but my insomnia come from my mind already on the next message. The service was amazing and I am staring and Monday completely stoked for what God has in store for our church.

I get in my office today and read Hebrews 7:19 smacks me in the face:


(for the law made nothing perfect); but on the other hand, a better hope is introduced, through which we draw near to God.

This is my prayer this week….that every person present yesterday, will introduce the “better hope” into EVERYONE around them.

YOU…are the salt
YOU…are the light
YOU…are God’s choice to carry the news of the “better hope.”

TRUTH: (from yesterday) The darker the world gets, the brighter we should shine.

A few things for you to know about this week:

1 – New promo for our series “Circles” starting on February 10th. Circles Bulletin 4 x .75

Check out the promo (I almost froze filming it):

2 – I apologize for the message notes not being on you version. Here’s the link for those who were asking:


3 – For those that wanted the link for: 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year:

4 – Phenomenal prayer app that I highly recommend.

I’m a guy who loves using apps for everything. As admit as I am about prayer, I’ve yet to come across an app I really love to help with my prayer life. Youversion is good at reminding me of devos and getting the message notes for Sunday’s message. But I can’t say it’s the best for my daily time in prayer.

The “7:14 Prayer” app encourages you to set aside a few minutes each day to pray for the nation and its leaders. As part of the Assembly of God 7:14 Prayer Initiative (based on 2 Chronicles 7:14), George Wood (Superintendent of the A/G) asks people to join him in praying every day at 7:14 a.m. and p.m., as well as to fast and pray over the noon hour on Fridays.

IMG_1042 IMG_2772 IMG_6067 IMG_6205 IMG_8514



Go after it this week!! Be salt. Be light. Introduce someone to a “better hope.”

Thanks for letting me ramble…

2 responses to “New series coming to @kalamazoofirst (with video)!!!…and other essential links you need.”

  1. Outstanding! (He will identify ways for you to get whatever
    good sleep you need in the process of your obedience to Him.)

  2. Great stuff

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