A Pile of Dung

I came into the office today and dove into my devos. I’m going through Philippians and Hebrews in my personal studies.

I couldn’t let go of Philippians 3:8 (of course I had to instagram it)


“Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ”

Selah (means “stop and reflect”)

Everything that we hold to importance.

Everything we make a big deal about.

Everything we take pride in…

Paul calls rubbish.

It is literally any refuse such as the excrement of animals, off scourings, rubbish, dregs and so figuratively speaks of things that are worthless and detestable. It includes material thrown to the dogs.

(Here’s where it gets almost absurdly descriptive) The word rubbish (GK: Skubalon) was word used to refer to a half eaten corpse (gross!) and filth of various kinds including lumps of manure or human excrement. It was the word describing the portion of food “rejected” by the body as not nourishing.

Paul is saying that he counts everything in his life dung. He even counts all his religious achievements as rubbish for that deep intimate love relationship with the living Christ. This strong metaphor reminds one of Isaiah’s description of ALL of men’s righteous deeds describing them (Isa 64:6) as “filthy rags” which is an Old Testament term for menstrual cloths. (I’ll save that blog for another day)

We place so much on our achievements. We boast about what we have accomplished in our lives. We put “yesteryear” on such a high pedestal as to hold the present captive to it’s worth.

Paul says, “stop.”  Wake up

Paul says, “look.” Focus

Paul says, “it doesn’t mean anything next to the SURPASSING WORTH of knowing Jesus.”

It’s not to say that what we do has no worth…it’s just that our passion begins with the recognizing the “surpassing worth of knowing  Jesus.”

As much as we push our kids in their sports and academic achievements, do they see the priority of “knowing Jesus.” Do they see it in you?

As much as we strive for a better marriage, does our spouse see in us the priority of “knowing Jesus.”

TRUTH: “Knowing Jesus” is not something we get to achieve someday down the road.  It’s where we start.  It’s where EVERYTHING stems from.

Thanks for letting me ramble…

3 responses to “A Pile of Dung”

  1. I think someONE is trying to tell me something today! Thank you for posting this, I just read in my devos today about how He wants us to be all His. And how our security rests in Him alone, not other people, circumstances, etc. Obviously to do that we have to know him. Intimately.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I actually began writing this last week but didn’t feel “led” to post it yet. I love when HE has his own agenda!!

  2. Powerful!

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