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I love reading  blogs (most of which are on marriage and family).  Last week, I came across this blog post and knew I had to share it.  I know I could have easily retweeted it.  But I wanted to look for a way to give it a bit more emphasis as to not blend into the white noise that can be social networking.

I’ve always said, outreach is a journey, not an event.  It’s a way that we live and should be relegated to a once-in-a-while church-wide activity.  I wanted to share Tim Gaydos’, of Mars Hill, blog post about SIMPLE ways of being missional during the Christmas season.  Again, this is all Tim and not me.  Enjoy his great post.


As Christians, it’s so important that we look for missional opportunities with our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members as they are way more prone to engage in Jesus-friendly activities and conversation this time of the year than any other—by far! So, let’s pray and get after it!

Here’s the deal: People really love being invited to events, parties, and homes. There are so many opportunities happening in our respective cities through concerts, shows, plays, parties, and services that proclaim Jesus and would lead to natural conversation with those in your sphere of influence, let me give you just five.


Every year, my wife and I invite friends to go with us to the The Lights of Christmas, which is put on by a Christian conference center just outside the Seattle area. There are many examples of Christ being proclaimed at this event, specifically a Nativity scene. There might not be another time where a non-Christian friend would go with you to a Christian conference center, but this is the time—who doesn’t love Christmas lights?!


One year, we took some non-Christian friends to Handel’sMessiah at the Seattle Symphony. No matter who you are, it’s impossible not to be blown away by the grandeur of this masterpiece. It was captivating, and the awe-inspiring nature of the Messiah gave us a chance to talk with our friends about the content of this piece, which led to an incredibly rich gospel conversation.


Sweaters, white-elephant gift exchange, good food, good drinks—go BIG! Christmas is a great reason to engage the people God has placed in your life. Invite neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends. Make sure it’s not a Christian-only party. Make it a point to invite people into your home, to sit on your couch, drink from your cups. Show that you care and take a moment to introduce people to one another. Share the meaning of Christmas with them and the reason behind all that we are celebrating.


People are “naturally” charitable at Christmas. There are so many local opportunities to serve the least among us during the Christmas season, and both Christian and non-Christian alike see this as an opportunity to do good and love others by serving those who are less fortunate than they are. This is a great time to preach the gospel in word and deed as Jesus has commanded us and share about why Jesus is the most generous and charitable man who ever lived.


Many churches put on incredible productions during the Christmas season. Also, Christmas Eve services are some of the most well-attended church services and is the absolute only time (or one of only two times) someone would willingly enter into a church. For many, going to church on Christmas isn’t weird, just what you’re supposed to do. Don’t miss this opportunity to invite someone to hear the real meaning of Christmas.


Right now, I want to ask you to take one minute and think about three people in your life that you would love the opportunity to share Jesus with.

Once you have those three people, pray for them and their hearts to know Jesus. After you have prayed for them, think about what event, service, party you could invite them to and call, text, email, Facebook or Twitter them.

Do it!

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

Romans 10:14

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