Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.

Happy Monday! We just came off a stinkin’ great day at KFirst!

We are DONE with September.  It is so hard to believe that we are in the last stretch of 2012.

I’ll kick off Monday with a simple TRUTH for ya. It comes from a Benjamin Franklin plays into the theme of our sermon series we just closed out. Benjamin says, “Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.” Coming off what we preached this past month and yesterday’s message about watching our words, this is the icing on the cake. Remember the benefits/blessings of the Lord.  Write them upon your heart and hold on to them. You’re injuries; the ways you’ve been hurt or disappointed…write them in dust so they can easily be taken care of and released. This is a great segway into recapping our Sunday and looking forward to this week.

Here are 5 things I want you to know about…

#1 – KFirst closed out our series “Dust” yesterday. We talked about having a Kosher, or proper, mouth. A TRUTH we shared: If you have infection in your words, you have infection in your heart (Luke 6:45). I thought Pastor Marty did an excellent job illustrating the power of the tongue. Hopefully this week you and your family will follow through with the tabasco sauce.  I know my kids are NOT looking forward to that.  If you missed the message, download it from iTunes  later on Monday or hit the website.

#2 – We are reading through the Gospels as a church!

You can pick up a reading plan at the church…OR…you can join us on youversion.  I firmly believe, consistent doses of the Word brings heart change.  If you need a reminder, sign up for daily emails from this blog and we’ll connect you with the scriptures you need.  Today we are starting with Matthew 1, Luke 1 and John 1.

#3 – Night of Worship and Payer is Wednesday night! Join us this Wednesday for the best Wednesday of the month.  At 6:45 we are coming together for an evening of prayer and we want you to join us.   It’s an hour of prayer you don’t want to miss.

#4 – We have testimony coming this Sunday.  This would be a perfect Sunday to invite your friends.  Nino Guarisco, a graduate of Portage Northern and campus pastor at the University of Michigan, will be giving his testimony this Sunday at KFirst.  At the end of service, Pastor Todd is giving a special announcement about an amazing upcoming event for our church.

#5 – Be in prayer over our next series “Vampires: Dealing with people who suck the life out of you.  

We are going to do a short 3 week series. We all have vampires in our lives. They’re not the ones with pale skin and fangs – but they do suck the life out of us. So how do you love the people who drain you? How do you handle these relationships? How do you make it work when all you want to do is run? I don’t know about you, but I’ve got “Vampires” in my life.  But more specifically, I think that I’ve been a “Vampire” to others.  I think we’re going to laugh. I thing we are all going to be challenged.  I think we are going to come out of this series called to give life…not “suck” it out of a person.

That’s all we have today.  Keep up on your reading…and write down His blessings in “marble.”

Thanks for letting me ramble…

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