5 Things I want @Kalamazoofirst to know…

Happy Monday KFirst!

There a few things I would love to share with you today…

#1 – What a great morning yesterday!!!  It’s an incredible sight to see people with  “brazen tenacity” praying at the altar.  Some stood.  Some were on their face.  Some knelt in tears. We all focused on who the Lord is and brought that perspective into our prayer life. As one of our TRUTHS said, “The greatest barrier during prayer is not the words or the liturgy but the concept of God.” Find some time this week to pause life and spend time with the Lord.  Open up your Bible and let the Word speak into you.  A TRUTH we didn’t share yesterday (skipped over it): “The bible is primarily about someone to know, not something to do.”  Get to know the Lord better this week.  The only way to foster relationship is to spend time developing it.

#2 – We closed our series “Parables.”  I cannot wait to launch “Dust” in September.   This series has been developing in my heart for quite a few months.  There is an old saying, “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” Reason being, years ago, disciples who closely followed their rabbis along sandy, dirty roads would get covered, quite literally, with the dust of their rabbi.  Join us on this journey as we launch a new series that explores our endeavor to follow Jesus, our teacher/rabbi.  I’m so excited to travel this journey with you.

#3 – We’ve announced our renovation project of the new “Ministry Center.  Our renovation does more than provide ministry for the our next generations (in my opinion, that would be enough), but it will open up more opportunities for ministry to the whole church. It’s been fun to hear kids and parents are excited about what is in store.  I celebrate the Lord’s provision for the vision He has given KFirst.

KFirst Ministry Center

#4 – Again, this is a great time to invite people to church.  There is something about the beginning of the school year where people are looking to start a new pattern of life. It’s a time of new beginnings. What a great time to be living parables…telling the story of Christ with our lives. We had a great Guest Reception yesterday after service.  It’s so exciting to meet new families and hear how the Lord is working in their lives. Thanks to Kfirst for living out the love of Christ on Sunday mornings and making them feel welcome.

Look for moments this week to connect with those in your neighborhood and look for way to invite them out.   

#5 – Some private schools have started today.  Some of your kids won’t go back till after Labor Day.  Remember to pray over all of our kids this week.  Remember to pray over those who work diligently in our schools (teachers, admin, janitors, bus drivers, etc.).  As I said last week, look for a way to connect with your kids during this week.  Give them one last great memory of the summer before they head back to school. Back To School Sunday is this week and it’s gonna be awesome.  You don’t want to miss it.

That’s it for this Monday…I love serving KFirst and cannot WAIT for this Sunday.

Thanks for letting me ramble…

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